Worship in the park

Festival posts will come later, but now for a quick update from Sunday… what a blessing to gather in the park for worship! The sun was warm and the breeze refreshing. The fellowship was genuine and the worship was joyous. God’s Word was shared in German and Farsi and English. We sang some songs in Farsi, English, and German! We confessed our common faith in the words of the Apostles’ Creed in Farsi, German, and English. We greeted one another in our native tongues, with genuine care and concern, and Christian love for one another, which transcends the language barriers. And through it all the Holy Spirit was at work! I’m certain our prayers and praise was an especially sweet sound to the Lord!

Practicing in the park

So many blessings! First a young woman stopped by as we were working on a song in German and she helped us immensely with our German pronunciation and word emphasis! A little while later a classroom of young students came to the park for an ice cream treat that they had earned (from my limited German, sorry, can’t tell you how they earned it)… and with their teachers, they joined in on a children’s song! “Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah! Praise ye, the Lord!” – or “Preiset den Herrn!” Soon there were giggles all around as we were standing up, sitting down, standing up again with the song! What fun! What a blessing!

Tuesday – singing in the park outside Lukaskirche…

Tuesday we started the day praying in the park – praying for the people in the surrounding neighborhood, for the people who gather at St. Luke’s for worship, for those who work amongst the people here, for the people we will encounter here, and for the team as we work here. Soon we were able to begin connecting with people from the neighborhood. One man brought a guitar. Some of team joined him in song, later he joined our team members singing Christian songs! Soon a curious little child walked up to see what was happening as his mother watched nearby.